back again

its me again back with another report finally :).  anyways, its been amazing over here. working by day, playing by night.  have started a few new projects here at work, so been pumping out research and sketches.  and at home i have been “attempting” to learn german.  such an intense language.  the sounds you have to combined together sometimes are just impossible.  i feel like in my mouth there is in an epik battle between cotton mouth, taffy, and and penut butter, all while gargling salt water. but practice takes perfect.  also i have started up some indoor soccer on wednesdays.  super fun, but soo exhausting.  well happy thanksgiving to all of you.  hope you all are having a super, über awesome day.  thought you might like a little more happiness to go along with it enjoi.

tschüss (one of those crazy german words i was talking about)



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