happy thanksgiving

hello all…sooo its been a pretty exhausting week.  created an entire schedule to try and follow. but just like usual never going according to plan.  oh well it is a good outline for me to attempt to follow.

anyways happy thanksgiving to all that celebrated it.  we did over here. had a fun night in with lots of food and drinks and amazing company.  will upload some photos sometime this next week of that as well as some other updates :).

and in the spirit of thanksgiving, i am thankful for my beautiful, amazing girlfriend who is always there for me and always so supportive of me. (you were missed so much at thanksgiving 😦 )  its been the most amazing year of my life thanks to you.  cant wait for than many many many more to come, i love you.  i am thankful for my awesome family. honestly without them, i wouldn’t be here in austria, or even be on my way to becoming a product designer. they have helped me in every way, through thick and thin, to get to where i am today. i love you all so much. and last but not least i am thankful for all my friends.  new and old. you guys are awesome. i love you all and missing you all very much.

added a few photos of where i work for you all to see, fisheye of course. so you can get a good perspective :).  pretty amazing spot. beautiful natural light. sweet logo. awesome people. just all a bunch of amazingness in one spot. well hope you all are enjoying your thanksgiving weekend. will upload some more pics soon


One thought on “happy thanksgiving

  1. We too are thankful for many things including having you as our awesome son. Awesome seems to be the operative word here! Love you Nashie

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